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We are Kendra and Korean, a dynamic twin sister duo who have a passion for helping real women, real people. Our business is called KKNS Photography and Graphic Design. Fun fact: the "KKNS" is our initials. Yep, we got the same middle name ya'll....NICOLE!lol Kendra's middle name used to be Michelle but our daddy aka "Dada" was like "Ya'll identical so ya'll gotta have everything the same!"lol

Anywho, back to business! Our love of photography comes from our dad. He always had cameras in the house. We also went to the Masterlab a lot to get family photos. Wow! that's way back in the day. Moving forward, our dad was in the service before we were born and he took lots of photos on his travels. He's even been to China!

Our dad would take our photos and blow them up and frame them. He would put them all over the house. That's why we're so comfy in front of the He loaned us our first camera in college and that's when we really took it seriously and started out business in 2011. We truly love what we do! We're all about women empowerment and helping women fall in love with their natural beauty.

There is so much more we could say but if you been reading this long....THANKS BOO! When you meet us you'll that we don't have a problem We'll definitely speak at a TEDTalk one day! Now that you know a little about us please reach out and schedule a consultation with us. We love Starbucks so let's chat over frappuccinos! Even if you want to collab or want to learn a little more about us, it's all welcomed! Don't be shy! See you soon! :)

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