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Marketing Coordinators

As marketing coordinators for the IUPUI Homecoming Kendra and I  were responsible for designing marketing collateral, t-shirts, buttons, USB bracelets, flyers, posters. ordering promotional products, providing photography for event, homecoming court  and committee headshots.


We also ran and conducted a campaign to reach our peers on an emotional and inspirational level. The campaign was up for a month. It consisted of large posters of students and teachers and located at the campus center in the window of Barnes and Noble. The theme of homecoming was "Jaguars Dream Big."


The purpose was for students to inspire students and share what "Jaguars Dream Big" means to them.

The event took about a year to plan with about 14 committee members. Our team worked really closely through weekly meetings to discuss budget, venue, sponsorships, entertainment, and market strategies to seek engagement.

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